The Top Ten Home Gym Essentials this Christmas Season

With health and wellness on the top of the list, there’s never an ideal time for people to create or improve their gym at home. A well-equipped gym at home offers the greatest convenience and boosts the likelihood of exercising.

When exercising at home, whether they use a gym only or an exercise studio or health club, it is advisable to equip the gym with commercial-grade equipment that can last for many years. The cost of a gym that is not properly priced will result in regret and equipment that’s left unattended.

Fitness enthusiasts can gain more motivation and better results when they invest in their fitness by using the top equipment. This season of giving, FITBENCH recommends these premium top 10 essentials for home gyms for gifts to everyone, including you!

In addition, buyers will be able to benefit from these special deals on the essential home gym equipment until the 31st of January 2022 (except the areas it is noted)!

The versatile 4-in-1 YBell allows kettlebell, dumbbell, and a dual-grip medal and push-up stand exercise. The lightweight, portable weights can be used for any fitness level and workouts using different denominations.

CLMBR is an ergonomically-designed vertical climber for intense total-body, low-impact workouts. It can burn 665 calories in 30 minutes and utilizes the body’s full 86 percent muscles. CLMBR is also equipped with a huge touchscreen with high-definition and built-in speakers and instructor-led classes on-demand, along with crucial measurements and information.

Its AbCoaster PS500 targets the whole abdominal region in a supported posture. The knee-carrier glides along the curved track, working the lower abs and the upper and middle regions for a full abdominal exercise.

This complete workout bench contains six sets of kettlebells, two dumbbells, a slamball, and an eight-position elevating top that can be used for a myriad of exercises. It can be used as a bench on its own or in a bundle with accessories. It includes the FREE 7-day trial period of the FITBENCH Train App.

In a way that mimics road riding, The tough Wattbike Pro/Trainer blends magnetic and air resistance to test riders. It offers the most accurate and scientifically reliable detailed workout information to monitor and track improvement.

Get $300 off the Wattbike Pro/Trainer when you call 800-WOODWAY using the code FBXNYE.

Through a knob, MX Select adjustable dumbbells offer resistance ranging from 10-55 pounds in increments of 5 pounds – equivalent to replacing 10 dumbbell sets to perform multiple exercises, simple transitions, and effective exercise space-saving.

Transformation Protein is all-natural, keto-friendly, dairy- and gluten-free. Each serving has 30g of protein that aids increases in muscle strength as well as brain health.

The Jacobs Ladder X (JLX) provides four climbing positions to exercise muscles at different intensity levels. The newly designed display and dashboard highlight calorie burn, climb speed, the total number of feet that have been climbed, and the intensity.

Enjoy thousands of live and online fitness classes that include HIIT yoga Pilates, kickboxing, and many more. All at the comfort of your home using the Reflect mirror. It fits in almost every space and also serves as a high-end d├ęcor.

The Hypervolt Go offers portable percussion massages in compact and lightweight packaging, so you can carry for a workout, to the bus, or wherever you need the relief and recovery you require to feel great and continue to work.